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I am frog in a well. Every time I jump out of the well; I relialize I am in bigger well and eventually get bored which motivates me to get to next level.

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Ordered IPAD2

I got busy with my current project development. I finally ordered Ipad2 today. (It will take me a month to have it in my hands) I fell it gives me more opportunity to keep me connected to blogs and msdn forums. I will finish the pending posts and have couple more ideas about some topics I want to blog. Thank You.


New Dell Power Edge T310 Server

BizTalk 2010 is released. I started installation on my DELL PowerEdge T310 Server. OS Windows Server 2008 R2, VS 2010, SQL 2008 R2, SQL 2005 Reporting Services, BizTalk 2010.

I am pretty excited to start working on it.